Mamaia Boulevard, Constanta 900001



With an area of over 860 m² and a capacity of up to 650 seats, the Ferdinand Magellan salon and the two Da Gamma and Vespucci halls, where modern design combines with classic elements, are honored to host your special event with professionalism and elegance, regardless of the occasion and the theme.
The large and imposing windows, the refinement of the details through the materials used, from natural stone to fine fabrics and embroidered wood, the floral motifs that cover the wallpapered walls, the gloss of the granite floor and the solid wood furniture, impose nobility and also ensure the comfort and good mood of the guests.

Fairytale wedding or contemporary wedding, feeling the sea breeze and wearing a flower tiara, Blanco Beach and Dias gazebo become idyllic places, oases of intimacy and discretion, perfect for ceremonies and outdoor parties.

Whether it is a wedding, a private party or an anniversary party, the culinary pampering, the quality and elegance of the services will be at the highest standards.
Through any event, we build and offer unique moments, the promptness to respond to any request, the full flexibility of organization and menus, the hospitality of each employee, all meant to inspire confidence, peace and happiness.
The elegant and imposing decor, the right music, the menu of a high gastronomic and aesthetic quality, which merge with the exclusivity, are the foundation of a unique experience, the Bavaria Blu brand.
Happy bride and groom, delighted guests and satisfied hosts is all we set out to have.
From the tasting of the menu to parking spaces, from the accommodation of the bride and groom in the room specially arranged for them, to the accommodation of the guests with special rates, they all fulfill the dream of a wedding by the sea.


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